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Sepultura: Machine Messiah (Nuclear Blast)

Class is eternal and metal is forever. The road to heavy music glory is littered with the shattered corpses of those that didn’t have the strength to complete the journey. But true masters always win through, and Sepultura have long since earned their status as legends of the metal world. In 2017, they return with more fire in their collective belly than ever before. Machine Messiah is coming…

As an old school Sepultura fan and a man who has the bands iconic “S” design tattooed on his forearm, I’m always weary about new releases from the band and with good reason. I have heard enough post Max and Igor Cavalera Sepultura to know nothing has really stuck out to me, until now.

Sepultura’s latest release “Machine Messiah” has plenty of material and sounds that span a lot of genres of Metal, and maybe I’m getting soft in my old age but there are some tracks on this album I really enjoyed the first time through. Here are a few highlights and tracks that stuck out to me.

“I Am The Enemy” in particular has a frantic pace, Eloy Casagrande’s drums are solid and Andreas Kisser’s guitar leads really pop. This song is the closest thing old school Sepultura fans will relate to in my humble opinion, aggressive and straight to the point.

“Iceberg Dances” is possibly my favorite. This one is an instrumental and a pretty neat little jam session. It finds a really nice balance of progressive, thrash and south of the border acoustic. I know, sounds like a lot to take in, but it works for this song. The fun part of this with all its twists and turns musically for me was following around Paulo Jr’s bass lines. Well played Paulo, well played.

“Sworn Oath” starts out nice with a real melodic feel to it, and before you know it POW, it’s almost like Nightwish, Slayer, and Pantera had a baby. It made me think of Nightwish because of its big production sound and the use of synthesizers….yes synthesizers. I thought of Slayer because when the riff starts it’s dark, evil and dirty sounding, a real treat to the ears. And finally Pantera, forgive me for saying this but Derrick Green’s vocals along with the riffs has a real “Cowboys From Hell” feel to it.

I try to be brutally honest and speak from the heart, that’s what I do. “Machine Messiah” isn’t going to be for everybody, it’s all over the map musically and metalheads like consistency. Times change, people change, music changes, and this isn’t “Arise” or “Beneath the Remains,” this is the latest release from Sepultura called “Machine Messiah,” and it’s a pretty good album.

Gene A. Gaona

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