Cormorant Debuts”The Devourer”, Diaspora Release Day Looms

As Diaspora, the imminent new full-length from progressive blackened death collective Cormorant, draws closer to release, today the band offers up “The Devourer” for mass consumption courtesy of a dual premiere between BrooklynMegan and Invisible Uranges.

Issues the band of the latest single, “‘The Devourer’ is the shortest song on the record, but it probably has the highest concentration of riffs and musical expressions, with lots of twists and turns that are reflected in the narrative. Tying into the overarching themes of migration and human arrogance, this song tells a story about defying the passage of the soul. [Bassist/vocalist] Marcus [Luscombe] wrote the lyrics based on the Egyptian mythology of Ammit, a funerary deity who consumes the impure in the afterlife. In an attempt to outsmart his doomed fate, the protagonist endeavors to flee Ammit in the underworld in an act of defiance.”
Adds the esteemed blog, “‘The Devourer’ features Cormorant at their darkest, even considering the weightiest moments of their well-received preceding album Earth Diver (2014). Hammering on a comfortably familiar riff to start, the track patiently evolves across an unpredictable structure rife with moody vocals (both screams and clean), sudden shifts, and technical asides. As with each track, the beginning sounds nothing like the conclusion, but they’re ultimately connected. Midpointing ‘The Devourer’ are thrashy passages and clean-sung melodies, plus a surreal guitar solo as a bonus. The song feels trackable and linear, but non-repetitive and spontaneous, multifaceted and densely packaged.”

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