Accuser – “Mastery” (Metal Blade Records)

Accuser is a German thrash metal band that has been criminally underrated. Accuser deserves to be right up their with their fellow German thrash metal counterparts, Kreator and Destruction. Why this band isn’t as well known as those is a fucking crime! Don’t believe me? Well, go check out their other ELEVEN albums and you’ll understand. As much of their early sound is rooted in the speed/crossover/ thrash sound, this album ditches the first two and focuses completely on thrash.

The album’s first single “Mission Missile” sets the table for the thrash feast you’re about to consume. Neck whipping riffs and gruff vocals which fit the music beautifully. Crisp, clean, face punching production, whether it be the chugging of the song “Solace in Sorrow” or the pit starter “Into the Black”, you get everything and more. The albums closer, fittingly titled the name of the album, “The Mastery” is fitting here because they do let you know that they have mastered pure thrash metal!

Kudos goes to Metal Blade Records for putting out their last two albums! If you like Bay Area thrash mixed together with classic German thrash (I mean who wouldn’t!), do yourself a favor and check out Accuser’s new album “The Mastery”! You absolutely not be disappointed!


Author: John Adams

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