Naglfar Guitarist Andreas Nilsson – “I Don’t Think Metal Is, How Long Your Hair Is”

Swedish melodic black metal band Naglfar recently released their long awaited full-length album (eight years), Cerecloth (May 8th) via Century Media Record.


Founded in 1992 and signed to Century Media Records in 2002, Naglfar have released 6 full-length albums. The band’s music has been compared to black metal legends like Dimmu Borgir.

Guitarist Andreas Nilsson spoke to us on the phone about Flying V’s, being with Century Media Records, strange rumors and more. Check it out below.


On being with Century Media Records for almost 20 years…..

“Absolutely it’s and it’s an awesome label, and I mean they they really support their bands, and I mean the one of the guys. who. who signed us is actually been a fan since the start so I mean it has turned in it’s just not business only but it’s also turning you know it’s a friendship going on as well since we known each other for so many years that that feels really good”.


On whether Century Media expects new music within a shorter time frame….

“Absolutely but I mean and that’s a cool thing with with the guys and at Century Media they have very understanding you know in the beginning they were like yeah maybe we should try
to get something out pretty soon but as the years went by and they started to get to know us I guess they just you know they roll their roll their eyes and go yeah it’s Naglfar but I mean they’ve been very cool cool and very patient and understanding you know so so that’s very appreciate we appreciate that very much”.


On strange rumors about the band…….”I guess there’s always rumors but nothing
that really sticks out, but one thing about our vocalist is that a couple of years after Téras there was a rumor going on in our hometown that Chris had left the band, to to study, to
become a priest actually and this was this was a little peculiar for us it all it even got into the local magazine and what he did was he said he had studied the theology at the University just because of interest you know but that turned into that he was converting to Christianity and turning becoming a priest so that was a kind of a weird”.

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