Bestailord – Law of The Burning (Satanath Records)

Ok. With a name like Bestailord I was totally expecting Black Metal. Damn, was I TOTALLY wrong! Bestialord’s “Law of The Burning” serves up quite a tasty little morsel of straight to your face metal ranging from doom, to death, and thrash. It’s like Black Sabbath, Death, and Mercyful Fate some how got together and infused their sound into some kind of twisted demonic child who loves to feed on freshly deceased corpses. You will love the production on this album as well. Now if you’re looking for some guitar virtuosity, keep looking because it’s not here.

This album relies on two or three riffs to carry the songs, but does it in a way that never gets boring. The production is really clean yet it retains that kind of sound like they just set their gear up and pressed record. The lyrics fit this sound perfectly. With topics ranging from Satanic rituals, diseased rats, cities being destroyed and the movie Hellraiser, this album oozes death out of every single sickly pore.


Author: John Adams

Categories: Music, News, Reviews

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