Velo Misere – Genealogía del Eterno Desasosiego (Hexencave Productions)

Velo Misere is formed by five black metal devotees who have been active during the last decade, manifestly or anonymously, in several bands within the Spanish underground metal scene. They debuted in 2017 with their first demo ‘Compendio de Trágicos Presagios’ and this year they’ve completed their second work, a four track EP that was released on May 1st by Hexencave Productions in CD format and Humanity’s Plague Productions on cassette.

Genealogía del Eterno Desasosiego means genealogy of the eternal unrest. It is an album by Spanish black metal band Velo Misere. I am always very excited to hear black metal or any metal in other languages. This album absolutely lives up to its title as there seems to be eternal unrest through the entire thing. I love the melody it produces throughout the entirety of the album. Great riff work. One thing that is a theme here is the inevitable escape of death, or at least that’s how i see it. There is a bleak eternal misery, that cannot be escaped. Imagine if you were in a dark vast wasteland for eternity. Imagine if you just experienced darkness and chaos for the first time knowing there is no escape.

This album provides a different reality. This is something i would listen to if i was going to get revenge on a murdered loved one. Like something from a Metalocalypse music video. My favorite track from the album would be “Partida” which means departure. It certainly feels like a departure. Like an abrupt end to your miserable life. There is a change of pace about halfway through the song, which builds up to an even more intense riff and and even more powerful display of depressing, morbid and dark vocal work. It sounds like a demon howl coming from hell. This is not a peaceful album. It is turbulent and a great execution of black metal. Great production, but still incredibly dark. Velo Misere has impressed me, this song is a dark journey, a dark discovery of something within you that makes you slightly uncomfortable when you hear the demon howls from hell. 7.5/10 great album.


Author: AJ Guzman

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