Slovenia’s ERUPTION release video for ‘Seven Archons’

Just like the origins of the seven archons – seven animal-headed angels who help Yaldabaoth govern our solar system – the third full-length from Slovenian thrashers ERUPTION, entitled Cloaks Of Oblivion, is a collection of songs that rule humanity with a brutal and non-conformist metal fist.

The brand new video for the track of the same name, Seven Archons, demonstrates this non-conformity, as it relates to its unrelenting, razor-sharp thrash attack. This is the real deal.

Watch the video for ‘Seven Archons’ below!

ERUPTION is a Slovene metal band that unites the legacy of speed, thrash and classic metal, forming it into their own unique sound. The band was formed in late 2004. They are known for menacing riffs, hard hitting beats, soaring vocals and killer live shows!

Klemen Kalin – vocals
Andrej Čuk – guitars
Grega Kamenšek – guitars
Nika Krmelj – bass guitars
Ivan Cepanec – drums

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