Metal Assault launches Record Label, announces Instrumental Doom band Goliathan as First Signing

After nearly 9 years of relentless hard work in the world of heavy music, Los Angeles CA based hard rock / heavy metal portal Metal Assault has launched its own record label, Metal Assault Records.

Established in 2010 as a blog, Metal Assault has published countless reviews, interviews and articles, covering the widest possible musical spectrum of all things heavy. The in-depth knowledge of the genre acquired from all this journalistic experience eventually led to Metal Assault branching out as an event promotion company and organizing its own events in the Los Angeles area, featuring the finest local, regional, national and international talent.

Having developed a well-earned reputation as curators of heavy music with special focus on unearthing the underground, it was only a matter of time before Metal Assault became a record label, and the day has finally arrived. Metal Assault Records is here to completely change the band-versus-label dynamic and present an artist-friendly approach like no other. At the heart of it all, the label’s ethos is based on doing it for the right reasons, for the love of the music, as fans more than anything else.

Metal Assault Records vows to follow the same principles upon which the blog and the event promotion has been revolving around since day one, i.e. presenting an open-mindedly broad range of heavy music, not narrowed upon any single sub-style or sub-genre, but covering the entire gamut of all things the label deems fit to classify as hard rock or heavy metal. The label’s roster will always reflect this trait, as the first few signings will indicate in the next few months. Get ready for a long line of fantastic bands to take you by storm!

To coincide with its launch, Metal Assault Records is extremely proud to announce its very first signing! Los Angeles based instrumental doom quartet Goliathan is a band Metal Assault has worked with frequently for its events over the past 12 months. Our first impression of the band was a long-lasting one, and even for us, having seen and listened to thousands of bands over the years, it is safe to say that there isn’t a band as powerful, bestial, stunning, spellbinding and mind-bending as Goliathan. When the band approached us with the possibility of signing with our label, it was a no-brainer and the most instant “Yes” decision from us. Metal Assault is thrilled to put out Goliathan’s second album Albion, set for release on November 16 2018.

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