Tuomas Rounakari of Korpiklaani – “We have a thing for vodka you know.”

In the video below watch Zoran Theodorovic of Capital Chaos TV chat with Tuomas Rounakari of Korpiklaani outside of Holy Diver in Sacramento, California


On liquor and beer preferences…..With these guys it would be lager. We have a thing for vodka you know, our bass player he enjoys whiskey and collects different kinds of whiskey so for him the answer would be different. We’ll never have colored liquor here (on the bus), we’re always with the clear ones.

On the most challenging instruments used….The most challenging instrument we used was the Hurdy Gurdy which we used on the Manala album to record Rauta. not maybe because of the hurdy gurdy as an instrument, but this typical instrument was made just for jonad, jonad hadn’t played it hardly at all, before and without sufficient knowledge of that instrument, there was some tuning things and some little things that the actual instrument needed, a little fine tuning from the makers side and figuring those things out were quite difficult and challenging, but the end results are really nice..

On playing festivals and clubs and favorite festivals……They are really worlds apart playing a festival and playing a tour. For myself I enjoy the most in playing in big clubs with lets say 1500 or 2500 people because you still have that intimacy. You still have that feeling that you can reach to the back of the crowd, whereas in a big festival where you play for 25.000 people, you don’t really feel what happening at the other side of the field anymore. When you play in a big stage, already the physical difference to your band mates can be very wide so its a different form of performing all together. I can’t decide which one I like the most because they both have their beautiful sides to it, the energy is special at both of them. From the European festivals, Hellfest is my absolute favorite in France. They have amazing food over there, the catering is always lovely and the actual festival is really well done. It really feels like as if you go to some parallel universe when you go there. They have all these open fires and lot of sculptures that have fire inside them, its just a beautifully done festival.

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