WRVTH – “No Rising Sun” (Unique Leader Records)

“A Resonance Lingers in WRVTH’s Farewell Album”

Winds of sorrow, aggression, hope and introspection push through in the Northern California band’s final album No Rising Sun. Rain in summer vibes keep coming to mind when figuring out the stance on this record. There are many ethereal and beautiful moments but there are even more mournful and bleak sections to the overall soundscape. All together these elements are the perfect mix of ying and yang sonically speaking.

Compared to their last self-titled album, No Rising Sun overall seems raw and darker. There are more variety of syncopated rhythms and the songs just flow extremely well track to track. The thing that always sets WRVTH apart from other bands is how well they seamlessly blend sub-genres. Post-metal, shoegaze, ambient, black and death metal are all encapsulated. Chaos, heaviness, bliss and bright intricate guitar chords have flourished in the air of their sound over the years.

The opening track “Eventide” has a dominate drum rhythm that is versatile and gives for a chilling build up. The guitars have intricate counterpoints that stand out and capture their signature atmosphere. A persistent and percussive bass shines in the mix as well, fitting right in the pocket.

“Calcified To Stone” was my favorite number on this album even with the length coming in at a minute and twenty seconds. There is an alluring ambiance on the guitars that kept me in a trance-like state. This one brought goosebumps with a tear or two first listen. The melodies from the guitars and emotion from the vocals are striking leaving me speechless.

“Dust and Moonlight” has a very soothing and melancholic intro that slows down the turbulence of the album. It’s a 9-minute track but gradual, catchy, and ends with a somber piano phrase. Another notable track was “Undertow”. The intro has calming, dreamy effects that switches half way through to a mix of powerful angst and reflective clean guitars.

The last track of the album “Furrows of A Dying Tree” has an overwhelming gloomy aura with dissonance that embodies emptiness. Lyrically and sonically it fits well with the album title theme.

The vocals throughout the album have a pure strain to them. They’re to the point and with true agony expressed. That being said though, my only criticism of the album is that the vocals needed a few lows at some parts to add more depth.

But with that being said I would still give the album a 5 out of 5. WRVTH has been one of my favorite bands ever since their self-titled came out, so its hard for me to say anything bad about them. Though its very sad that they are no longer together, I really hope they will do some reunion shows one day. Their mark on the metal scene is very unique and their atmosphere in their music will always be an integral inspiration to my life.

Author: Tom Sundgren

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