Axel Söderberg of Horisont “I like meat and potatoes rock and that’s how I like my sex.”

Big of mustache and tight of trouser, Horistont drink from the bottomless wellspring of inspiration that’s been bubbling up through the layers of time since the birth of the blues – or Blue Oyster Cult at the very least.

Theirs is a sound that harks back to the dawn of the 70s, when a new clutch of heads decided it was time to harsh the 60s hippies’ mellow and paint it black; those years when the twin spirit of hard rock and prog rose to redefine sound.

In their earlier years Horisont looked and sounded like the last guys standing at the world’s wildest and darkest party; these are the tight bro’s who laced the punch, torched the dance-floor and rode off into the night on their roaring hogs in a puff of green smoke. “Put the five soldiers of Horisont in a time machine 50 years ahead of time and we would still rock the silver socks of any future man, woman or robot,” frontman Axel once declared.

On live streaming from empty venues.

We didn’t really want to do like if we want to gonna do a live stream we wanted to like sort of go big because I’ve seen like the live streams with only one camera and then I like turn it off after yeah a couple of songs and it’s not how I want our music to be like experienced but we had to do something to like make it at least look like we’re playing in front of an audience and like being in a in our own little studio that we have that just wouldn’t cut it so we played at our favorite venue in Gothenburg and also people in Sweden could donate money to that venue because of all this because they almost had to shut down because of the Corona stuff so so we really wanted to like we we have to get money and we wanted them to get money so they like to keep after this is all over that they could keep going so so we may have made a good profit and also the prosthetic that we were playing at they also very happy so then that’s like to try and keep it even though no one can play live we wanted to people to be able to experience live music after this is over but if no one like cares about the venues then it’s not gonna happen so really wanted both both ourselves and and the venues like happy.


On his first rock n roll experience…

Well I wouldn’t say my first experience with rock and roll music was very rock and roll at the time. It was I was when I got an 80s Rod Stewart album, it was one of the first rock albums that I ever bought I can’t can’t remember the name of it now, well it’s the blue and red one so that was probably the first like if you can call it rock like the rock album that I bought. But I it wasn’t until I, I think it was when I started listening to Misfits and Danzig that I understood that it was music that I wanted to do. Because, like as, as a kid in like fifth grade, there were, there was no way I like gonna go and do a 80s Rod Stewart cover in a studio, in a small rehearsal room. So when, when I found Misfits, that was the like perfect entry to like go and and pursue whatever career I got out of this.


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