New Interview – Frank te Riet of CRYPTOSIS

Evolution is essential to survival. In the ever-changing world of heavy music, that’s an undeniable reality. As the march of time gathers speed and threatens to crush us all under its heels, it’s time to make way for the futuristic multi-metal eruption of CRYPTOSIS. Formerly known throughout the European metal underground as old school thrash mob Distillator, Laurens Houvast [vocals/guitar], Frank te Riet [bass/mellotron/backing vocals] and Marco Prij [drums] have undergone a wholesale transformation and upgrade, resulting in a brand new band with a sound that is guaranteed to blow minds and wreck necks.

The magnificent result of this creative transformation is due to be unveiled in 2021, when CRYPTOSIS will launch their extraordinary debut album. As demonstrated with immaculate power on “Decypher”, the first track to be released from the forthcoming record, the Dutch trio are now pursuing a natural and idiosyncratic course, dedicated to conjuring heavy music that dares to think differently.


On almost becoming a Slayer tribute band.

When we initially started our previous band, called Distillator we wanted to play the (Slayer) Reign in Blood album from front to back you know like a cover band. But then we got a drummer and he said “I want to play original music, you guys can write cool stuff you know, why should we do a cover band you know, it’s a bit lame and we thought it was a cool idea but because of him we started writing our own materials.

On live show injuries.

I got uh four stitches here on my eyebrow because when I was playing a concert, I jumped up and then my bass hits my face so I had to go to the hospital after the show yeah I guess a lesson learned from that one.

On releasing five singles leading up to the album release..

Initially, we wanted to do a split with Vektor and it got delayed many times, that’s why you know the timing of the release wasn’t really ideal because we initially wanted to release it in October 2020 but it got pushed back and then now at the pressing plant, they pushed it back a little more.

We were never signed, as a band with such a big label like Century Media, we got a lot of budget you know to fulfill our dreams, like make really a lot of video clips and we had the plan, to release a video for every album, but you know there was a little bit too expensive in the end.

But you know, like it was really our idea to just to do as much as a single album and I’m really happy, that Century Media went along with that, and they really you know like they said choose whatever single you want, because you know we feel very strong, we always very strong and you can just take a song and uh and make a single and so we got really uh um you know like a free space there to do whatever we want and that was really cool I think.



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