LANTLÔS – “Wildhund” (Prophecy Productions)

Waves of Bliss Crash Down on Lantlôs New Album Wildhund

When you hear the category alternative metal, you may think of bands like Five Finger Death Punch, In Flames (nowadays), or Volbeat. But no no no, not at all here. Not on this album do those bands fit in the category with modern Lantlôs. Generally speaking, yes, they’re more alternative metal now but the many other sub-genres under their umbrella includes post-rock, shoegaze, grunge, and prog-rock sounds.

The album overall in its soundscapes is very unique. If I had to try to somewhat relate bands to Lantlôs Wildhund album, I would think of little slices of Motorpsycho, Deftones, Nothing, Slowdive, and Hum. But still, I can’t seem to relate a band that is completely like Lantlos nowadays.

A big difference between their last album Melting Sun and Wildhund is that on Melting Sun there were some elements of drone, doomgaze or even sludge music sprinkled in. And the vocals on some tracks were more drawn-out in a lower tone and slightly haunting sounding first listen. On Wildhund however the vocals are a lot more upfront, accessible, versatile, and filled with harmonies from the band’s main creator Markus Siegenhort.

Also, there are a lot of more layers in general in most songs including synthesizers and an awesome pitch shifter guitar pedal on Wildhund. Each song on this album gives its own individual visuals too. I can picture a separate adventurous and energetic music video for each track. There is just a ton of heavy happiness and joy if I could generally describe the album in short.

Lantlos second single they released called “Magnolia” definitely grows on you after a couple listens. There are incredible vocals harmonies accompanied with extremely progressive drumming with impressive staccato beats.

“Cocoon Tree House” definitely gives a more upbeat alternative-rock feel. Siegenhort’s new vocal styles are really evident on this one also.

“Home” is a colorful track full of intricate layers and a lush, freeing spirit. The album title Wildhund translated in English is “Wild Dog” which you definitely get those vibes in this one. Unaccompanied, rambunctious traveling with no borders or guided trails ahead.

“The Bubble” would probably be the most progy groove one. Nice mid-tone guitar chords with interesting counter-part melodies. Towards the end, there is a breakdown and the drums stick out massively with its articulation and double-bass kicks.

When it comes to the most sporadic number in terms of directions in sound, “Amber” shines differently. The middle section of the song has a heavy part where the background guitar carries an alluring atmosphere with its eerie but catchy high notes. And then later screaming vocals come in to keep the energy moving forward.

It then settles temporarily with dreamy vocal melodies and calmer guitars to only pick up again to close the song.

In terms of a more subtle or solemn intro to a song “Planetarium” puts you at ease in the first minute. But don’t let that part fool you. It’s the most dynamic, epic, and euphoric track of the album.

Around the 2:33 minute mark, the guitars mystically build in volume and then a quick drum fill chimes in and then everything stops. Right away, beautiful harmonized vocals come in sounding like they sing “intertwine”. The way its emphasized though in the song would be like “inter..TWINE!”. Onwards the rest of the band clashes in and the feeling is pure ecstasy. It’s emotionally moving and gratifying, evoking tears first listen. Then chanting background vocal harmonies occur on top and “Intertwine” eventually comes back in. If I had to relate the style of vocals and part of the song, it would be something of Enslaved’s ex-clean vocalist/keyboardist Herbrand Larsen’s tone and vibes. The song’s direction then goes into a soaring guitar lead followed back to the intro solemness.

“Dream Machine” has a tasteful chorus that has a variety of rhythm changes behind. A lot of visuals and complete reverie is in this number. An illuminating ocean with diverse landscapes and ecosystems around come to mind while joyfully listening.

The aura of this album is bright and fantasy-like. Other things that stood out about it was the unique guitar tone and production. The album is mixed and mastered extremely well. The only small critique would be on some tracks, its hard to hear every lyric that is sung. But that being said, it does not take away from being one of my top 6 favorite records of all time.

Come July 30th, the amazing Wildhund album will be released though Prophecy Productions. You can order the album HERE through their Bandcamp or HERE @ Prophecy Productions website.

Score: 10 out of 10


Author: Tom Sundgren

Categories: Lantlôs, Reviews


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