Tech-Death band DREAMER release first official guitar play-through video for the song “Apex”

LA based prog/technical death metal band Dreamer release their epic and varied play-through for the song “Apex”, which is now on their YouTube channel.

These guys are in the radar for the next chapter of technical death metal. They are pushing the envelope within the intense and skillful sub-genre. Other sub-genres they evoke are progressive metal focused heavily in atmosphere and dare I also say alternative? Alternative not in terms of song structure but in terms of how they hone in on multiple central themes or hooks. Something the sub-genre in general tends to lack at times with a thousand notes thrown at you usually.

But they make their leads and riffs memorable first listen which is not an easy task to pull off in tech-death. Their instrumental demo came out a few months ago and I have been playing it a ton. The guitar work is all over the fretboard accompanying low-end depth and high-end melodies, giving the full spectrum. And the drumming is incredibly precise and extremely diverse.

If I had to describe bands they are similar to it would be Fallujah, Cynic, and Between The Buried and Me. But they still stand in their own light for a unique sound. Layers are another thing I noticed within their songs. They may have synths or other virtual instruments in the background creating the ultimate up-lifting realm.

Dreamer is the perfect example that metal music can be beautiful and extremely heavy at the same time. I’m eager to see them gain the recognition they deserve in the metal community and excited to hear more material from them in the future.

If you’re in the LA area February 5th, you can catch them opening up for Obscura on A Valediction tour at the music venue 1720. Doors open 6PM and show is at 7PM. You can get your tickets for $20 from the band from the band via their Instagram or Facebook.

Now enjoy the play-through by guitarist Christopher Beattie!


Author: Tom Sundgren

Categories: Dreamer, Music Videos

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