Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil “There is a little bit less respect for music which is kind of sad”.

Italian Alt-Metal superstars Lacuna Coil recently wrapped a co-headline U.S. tour with All That Remains. In the video below, singer and lyricist Cristina Adriana Chiara Scabbia took the time to chat with Zoran Theodorovic aka. The Mighty Zee when they played Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, California.


On the new darker direction.
That’s why it is the heaviest and darker record that we’ve ever done as Lacuna Coil and we wanted to give this you know type of style, to this record because of the thematic’s and because we just like it heavier. I know we’re kind of going the opposite way that a lot of bands are doing but that’s what we like.

On the current state of the music industry.
Well things, definitely changed, because I mean back when we started of course it was all about physical copies. It was all about waiting at the record store for the release of the album religiously, you were waiting for that day and now it’s like everything is on streaming. You know there are leaks because some dicks because some dicks are putting albums and songs out without any respect for the artist like it’s a piece of nothing while every song every record holds the art of and the the art and the art of the artist and you know that there is there is a little bit less respect for music which is kind of sad you know for those who don’t understand.


On greiving over lost ones.
Everyone grieves in in a different way my way I tell you why like I’ve I’ve said it in interviews and not because I want to make a show out of it but it’s because I I know that saying some things I can help some other fans and some others that are going through the same thing a couple of years ago I lost my mom and my dad I lost my dad first and after nine months I’ve lost my mom and they were the most important people in the universe for me I would talk to them every day I adore them I would live for them so I tried to prepare myself because for the circle of life I was like if everything goes that it’s supposed to be they will be gone before, before me so I was trying to prepare myself and I was like I know that when it will happen I will be devastated I will stay home I will not go out I will not talk to anybody but going through the process of the illness and you know being at hospital and living the pain of other people around us I just realized that the best thing is to carry the legacy and I know for sure that my parents would be so pissed at me if I would just like get depressed and just like a cry all the time because to go on and to, to be living life it’s not a disrespectful way for the ones that are not here with us it is actually honoring them because we are carrying the torch and they are inside of us they’re in our blood so I mean I feel bulletproof now I feel super strong and I know that there are with me all the time you know from what they taught me and I just feel them here all the time so I hope you are dealing with it the same the same way it is hard it is hard and I know that is not easy.

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