Sacramento’s First Festival 2016 Line Up Announced

first fest


First Festival debuted at Riverwalk Park in West Sacramento on May 23rd, 2015. The festival featured 18 bands across 3 stages with 10 food trucks and over 40 local vendors. Throughout the festival, they had about 3,000 attendees.

First Festival 2016 is Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19 at Southside Park in downtown Sacramento.

Playing on the two Main Stages: Epsilona, Tell the Wolves, Drop Dead Red, At Both Ends, Death of Reason, Surviving the Era, Death Party at the Beach, California Riot Act, Urd-Om, Humble Wolf, Sun Valley Gun Club, Whiskey and Stitches, That Kid Raja, Simpl3Jack, Zeroclient, Clockwork Hero, Rebel Radio, Conceived in Chaos, Slaves of Manhattan, A Mile Till Dawn, Face the Horizon, Simple Creation, Skyler’s Pool, The Nickel Slots, Thunderchief, Heat of Damage and The ClayDogs.

Playing in the Craft Beer Lounge: Be Brave Bold Robot, The Heartbreak Time Machine, Campfire Crooners, Andrew Castro, Honyock, Justin Farren, Blue Oaks, The Stoneberries, Peter Holden, Chowder Heart and Friends, Sean Fleming, James Vincent, Sweet Taunts, The Hey Nows, Patrick Dunn and The Rattlin’ Bones. 

Via Submerge

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