Dale Crover (The Melvins) Premieres “Hillbilly Math”

As the release of Dale Crover’s (Melvins) debut solo album, The Fickle Finger of Fate (Aug. 4, Joyful Noise Recordings), gets closer, the legendary drummer shares a second new song from the 20-track album, “Hillbilly Math.”

“’Hillbilly Mat’h is a Stones-y little number in G,” says Crover. “I was thinking of the characters from ‘Gummo’ and ‘Deliverance’ when I wrote this.”

The album was co-produced by Crover and longtime partner-in-crime Toshi Kasai. Crover played the bulk of the instruments on the collection (guitar, keyboards, drums) as well as vocals. Guests include Redd Kross’ Steven McDonald, Dan Southwick (Altamont) and Crover’s adorable 11-year-old daughter Scarlett who assists with violin, percussion and vocals.

Amongst his 30-plus-year career as one half of the essential Melvins’ roster, Crover has contributed to countless albums ranging from platinum-plated classics (Nirvana’s Bleach) to seminal cult LPs. However, up until this point, Crover’s solo efforts have been limited to the Melvins’ 1992 KISS-themed solo EP, and a couple of intermittent 7” releases.

The Fickle Finger of Fate has its beginnings in the bizarre, six spindle-holed 12-sided record, “Skins.” In 2016, Crover was more or less “commissioned” to compose twelve 30-second songs to satisfy the requirements of this crazy record format. The fugues created through this haiku-like exercise ended up providing the basis of what would become The Fickle Finger of Fate.

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