Decapitated Accused Of Gang Raping A Woman On Their Tour Bus

All four members of the Polish death metal band DECAPITATED are being accused of gang-raping a woman in the bathroom of their tour bus after their August 31 concert in Spokane, Washington.

According to court documents obtained by The Spokesman-Review, the alleged victim and her friend told Spokane police they were invited by DECAPITATED members to have drinks in the tour bus after the show at The Pin.

One of the two women “described being excited to be on the bus, and then one of the band members began grabbing her breasts,” court documents say. “He was later identified as the drummer, Michal Lysejko.”

The same woman “was uncomfortable and said the band members began speaking to each other in Polish,” court documents say. “She described the ‘vibe’ in the bus changed, and one of the members began looking at them like they were prey.”

The woman said DECAPITATED singer Rafal Piotrowski began kissing her and she began resisting when he started undoing her belt, according to court documents. The woman “attempted to push Piotrowski away but he grabbed her arm and spun her around to where she was facing the sink and mirror in the bathroom,” court documents say. “She saw in the mirror and out of the corner of her eye each of the band members taking turns raping her.”

The rape was reported when the woman got a call from her friend, who had been pulled over in another part of town on suspicion of driving under the influence. via Blabbermouth

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