PANTHEON Unleash Lyric Video For Album Title Track “Age of Wolves”

Playing old-school blackened death thrash metal with groove elements, Arkansas’ Pantheon is preparing to take on new metal fans beyond their American shores, with the release of the vinyl edition of their first full-length  “Age of Wolves” for Europe via Dutch label Doc Records and for South America via Brazilian label Old Shadows Records.

The vinyl will also be available in North America via Necrotic Records, in which the band originally unleashed the debut album digitally and on CD during July 2020. The vinyl will also feature two exclusive bonus tracks “Arcane Oath” and the band’s cover of Black Sabbath’s “Hand of Doom”.

In lead up to the vinyl’s release on May 27th, the band is sharing a new lyric video for the album’s title track, which can be heard below.

Vinyl Track Listing:
1. Serpent Death Cult (4:00)
2. Awakening the Gods (3:19)
3. Age of Wolves (3:52)
4. Lust of the Beast (4:20)
5. Left My Mark (4:13)
6. Presence of Dark (4:36)
7. Choir of Death (3:54)
8. Eclipse of the Worm Moon (4:25)
Bonus Tracks on Vinyl Only
9. Arcane Oath (7:14)
10. Hand of Doom (Black Sabbath cover) (7:02)
Vinyl Album Length: 47:01

Album and Live Band Line Up:
B.J. Cook – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Buzzy Leistikow – Vocals, Guitar
Donnie Larkin – Drums
Jeremiah Baker – Bass

For more info:

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