Concert Photo Review: ARCH ENEMY and BEHEMOTH @ The UC Theatre – Berkeley, California

Swedish melodic death metal band legends Arch Enemy, and Polish titans Behemoth, join forces for a co-headline North American tour with special guests Napalm Death and Unto Others I was lucky to attend their sold-out show at the UC Theatre, and I was able to make it just in time when Behemoth was getting ready to start their set.


I couldn’t help but notice the huge snake going through a triangle in the background hanging from the ceiling and the sickest looking microphone stands with serpents the band was using.

Behemoth started their set with Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer (pray for us Lucifer) from their 2014 album “The Satanist”, followed by Wolves ov Siberia from their “I Loved You at Your Darkest” album. They also played other fan favorites like Ov Fire and the Void, Bartzabel and Slaves Shall Serve; unfortunately, no As Above So Below which was a bummer, however their new single “Ov My Herculean Exile” made up for it. Opvs Contra Natvram (2022) available September 16th and The first single ‘Ov My Herculean Exile’ is out now and I highly recommend you check out the music video below.

You could feel the eagerness of the crowd, a few moments later the song “Set Flame to the Night” started to play and Daniel Erlandsson (drummer) came out holding drum sticks in his right hand then proceeded to throw the metal horns up in the air to the crowd before sitting on his stool. Next came Sharlee D’Angelo (bassist) then Jeff Loomis and Michael Amott (guitarist).

Once they were on stage, they quickly transitioned to their newest and latest song Deceiver on which the very talented Alissa White-Gluz joined the stage; she came out like a force of energy just her presence alone was enough to make the crowd of the UC Theatre go wild, in mere seconds the crowd was under her control, obeying every command she gave.

This is my second time seeing this band live, first time being back in 2014 when they co-headline with Kreator. I must say just like last time, I found their performance spectacular, Alissa blends in so well with the rest of the band and has an incredible voice that I can see why Angela Gossow (previous vocalist) reached out to Alissa to replace her.

Arch Enemy setlist included a couple of hits from Alissa Debut album with the band (War Eternal) and three brand new tracks from their new album Deceivers and other great hits from previous albums.

Fun fact: Arch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band that was formed in 1995, for the first five years the band was male fronted with Johan Liiva, fast forward to the year 2000 he would be replaced by Angela Gossow and 14 years later she would step down as vocalist to become the bands manager and Alissa White-Gluz would step in as vocalist.


Pictures and review by Alex Macias. Please visit Alex @ his website for more stunning images.


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