Internal Bleeding “Imperium” Album Review‏

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                   INTERNAL BLEEDING the New York Godfathers of Slam Metal have returned with their first new release in 10 years. The new album, their first of new material since 2004’s “Onward To Mecca”.  is entitled “Imperium” and contains 9 tracks of brutal New York Death. Opening track Fabricating Bliss wastes no time in getting started and pummels from the opening notes. With a clean, dry yet powerful production the Internal Bleeding sound bursts through the speakers/headphones. Original members Chris Pervelis (Guitar) and Bill Tolley (Drums) ensure elements of the classic Internal Bleeding style. Newer members Keith Devito (Vocals) and Jason Liff (Bass) handle their parts admirably, bringing great energy, and with Jason incredible technical prowess.  Alternating between fast, mid-tempo and slow sections the ferociousness never relents.

internal bleeding

                  Another highlight track that is especially brutal is track 3 The Pageantry Of Savagery, combining extreme technicality along with aggression that definitely will get your head slamming. Another interesting part of the album is the mini 3 part Trilogy The Patterns of Force, which covers tracks 4,5 and 6 (Acts 1,2,3). The tempo rises and falls with a common theme throughout the tracks.The album finishes strong with the epic, near six minute Castigo Corpus Meum (track 9). This is a triumphant return for a classic, influential band. A Brutal no frills album of classic Death Metal with a Groove. Going on 23 years since they first started putting out brutal underground demos that ushered in Slam Metal, Internal Bleeding are still going strong and this release will stand up against most of the current offerings in Extreme Metal.If you are a fan of classic Death Metal, Internal Bleeding or are just looking for pure technical brutality this release is recommended.

Todd Owens/Capital Chaos TV

LO-PAN – “Colossus” Album Review‏


Ohio stoner rockers LO-PAN are about to release their latest full length album, Colossus, on October 7th. I’ve had the pleasure to check out the latest album and I must say I found myself headbanging and overall enjoying the Hell out of this album. The album is named after the Colossus of Rhodes, a 96 foot tall statue of the Greek Titan-God, Helios. This colossus of an album delivers 10 rock tracks clocking in at about 42 minutes that you will find yourself blasting at full volume in your car. Why your car? Cause this album was bred to be listened to while driving down a desert highway, top down with a hot blonde next to you, rockin’ out right along with you as you head to the beautiful coasts of California. The vocals are smooth and inspire you to sing right along with Frontman Jeff Martin.


The guitars deliver stoner rock that’ll have you movin’ and groovin’ and feeling like all is right in the world. If you’re into great rock with a chill sound or are looking for just some music that you can play at a party that everyone will enjoy having on while getting on with their convo’s, this album is it. Drive with this album, play it on the weekends while you work on your car, play it while driving… there’s no end to the replay value of this album. LO-PAN’s Colossus is a great fourth album effort on their part and I look forward to hearing more from them. LO-PAN is currently on tour, if they happen to hit your city, I strongly suggest in checking them out as they are a band that is truly appreciated at their lives shows. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Complete with cover art courtesy of Jason Alexander Byers (ex-Disengage, Black Black Black), Colossus, like its namesake, was built in defiance of gods and men, and while LO-PAN’s loudest statement has always been made on stage, the material they craft and the power with which they execute it on this album is bound to stand for years to come.
Colossus Track Listing:
1. Regulus
2. Land Of The Blind
3. Black Top Revelation
4. Marathon Man
5. N.P.D.
6. Colossus
7. Vox
8. Eastern Seas
9. Relo
10. The Duke

LO-PAN w/ Black Cobra [remaining dates]
9/04/2014 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
9/05/2014 Handlebar – Pensacola, FL
9/06/2014 Orpheum – Tampa, FL
9/07/2014 Gramps – Miami, FL
9/08/2014 Back Booth – Orlando, FL
9/09/2014 529 – Atlanta, GA
9/10/2014 The Mothlight – Asheville, NC
9/11/2014 TBD
9/12/2014 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
9/13/2014 The Pinch – Washington, DC
9/14/2014 Dusk – Providence, RI
9/15/2014 Nectars – Burlington, VT
9/16/2014 TT The Bears – Boston, MA
9/17/2014 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
9/18/2014 Saint Vitus – New York, NY
9/19/2014 Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY
9/20/2014 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
9/21/2014 The Outpost – Kent, OH *
9/22/2014 Howlers – Pittsburgh, PA
9/23/2014 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
9/24/2014 7th St Entry – Minneapolis, MN
9/26/2014 Replay – Lawrence, KS
9/27/2014 Lost Lake Lounge – Denver, CO
9/28/2014 Burt’s Tiki Bar – Salt Lake City, UT
9/29/2014 Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV
9/30/2014 The Alley – Sparks, NV
10/01/2014 The Garage – Ventura, CA
10/02/2014 New Parish – Oakland, CA
10/04/2014 Downtown Lounge – Tulsa, OK *
10/17/2014 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH * Record Release Show
*LO-PAN headlining date/No Black Cobra

Colossuswill be released via Small Stone October 7th, 2014. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION..         Robb Napalm/Capital Chaos TV

Those Who Bring the Torture “Piling Up” CD Review


Swedish death metal band, Those Who Bring the Torture, have released their fourth full length effort Piling Up. The album is 10 tracks long and each one brings the brutality full force. It starts with a headbanging metal onslaught in the song “Under Twin Suns” and continues through the next 39 minutes serving you beautiful death metal that’ll make you smile as the bodies are buried in your houses crawl space. The project is helmed by mastermind and TWBTT founder, Rogga Johansson who supplies guitar, bass and vocal duties. Dennis Blomberg is the second man in this dynamic duo and he provides guitar and bass duties as well. For a two man job, this album delivers some heavy hitting tracks that’ll satisfy Hypocrisy, Malevolent Creation and Grave fans. The guitar work in this album is worthy of the greatest headbangers.



Just listening will inspire anyone to start doing windmills. The vocals are gutturally low and the high’s are screechy goodness, like a man-bat being torn in half. The only thing that stood out for me was that the drums seemed a little too alike in every song. Same snare, high hat, kick drum combo. Occasionally there would be a double bass that would stand out, or a mild blast beat, but otherwise, it was quite repetitive on the percussion front. In any event, Piling Up is an entertaining album to listen to front to back and you’ll find your moments where headbanging is a must. If you’re looking for technical drum technique and shred-tastic guitar solo’s, this is not the place to look. If you’re looking for good ole fashioned Death Metal fair, then Those Who Bring the Torture have just what you’re looking for in this album.

Piling Up is set for North American release on August 19th, 2014 via Selfmadegod Records.  Robb Napalm/Capital Chaos TV

Soreption – “Engineering the Void” Review‏


Technical Death Metal hailing from across the pond in Sweden, Sundsvall based band Soreption have put out their second full length titled Engineering the Void. The latest effort came out early February along with a reissue of their first album Deterioration of Minds through Unique Leader Records. If you haven’t listened to this album yet, you have no idea what you are missing. The level of precision that these guys are pulling off is some of the best I have heard so far in 2014. Stefan Nordlander and Anton Svedin lay down some killer guitar riffs that have a brutal rhythmic groove and time shifts that just catch you off guard mid-headbang. Tony Westermar leads the group with his massive drum lines that can be akin to a satanic war march. The precision and double bass is ever present and shines brilliantly. Fredrik Soderberg lays down some vicious vocals and truly conjures free thinking and unique mindedness with his lyrics that speak of breaking out of the mold and standing on your own.


As per usual, the bass line, provided by Rickard Persson, is present but merely a tool of maintaining rhythm which the drums handle quite well on their own. One thing that truly stood out, or two things I should say, was two specific tracks on the album; Breaking the Great Narcissist and Monumental Burden. These two tracks stood apart from the rest in an amazing way that I truly appreciated. I feel that music has lost its drama and its theatricality. These two songs not only deliver on the Technical Death Metal front, but Soreption breaks into these operatic and black metal themed rhythms that just invoke the Lord Satan himself and just as your soul is about to be transported to Hell, a guitar solo comes in and pries you out of Lucifer’s dark clutches, to then bring you into a truly impressive duel harmonized solo by Nodlander and Svedin (at 2:09 in Monumental Burden for those interested.) I can go on and on about this album but do yourself a favor and listen to this impressive album yourself and you be the judge. Beezlebub would approve. Robb Napalm/ Capital Chaos TV


Dire Peril – Queen of the Galaxy EP Review‏


Citrus Heights, California brings a unique brand of Power Metal in the band Dire Peril. Sci-fi Power Metal to be exact. In their brand new EP Queen of the Galaxy, Dire Peril delivers four tracks that will cater to any listener. Happen to be a gamer? They have you covered with the first two tracks. “My Vengeance is Everything (Chaos Reigns)” and “Space Invaders”. The first track is the most aggressive on the EP and is inspired by the video game God of War. You can feel the anger of lead character Kratos in the lyrics and Norman Skinner’s soaring vocals that are reminiscent of a young Matt Barlow (Ex-Iced Earth, Ashes of Ares). “Space Invaders” is inspired by the 1980’s game of the same name. Rocking guitar riffs by Jason Ashcraft and Jearme Greathouse which really make you feel like you’re listening to VG music turned into metal.


Following those two tracks is the song that I feel is the diamond of the album is the title track, Queen of the Galaxy. In this song, prominent vocal duties are given to Brittney Hayes (Lead Vocalist of Unleash the Archers) and the duality between her vocal tone and Norman Skinner’s epic singing voice make for a beautiful Power Metal tour de force. Rounding out the album is a cover of Boston’s “Something About You”. I love covers as much as the next guy, but I feel this is the weakest song on the EP. While not a horrible cover, it just doesn’t have the gravitas of the other songs and after following the powerful vocal and guitar track, Queen of the Galaxy, this cover just feels out of place. All in all, Dire Peril delivers a great 4 track EP and I absolutely look forward to seeing what they bring to their next EP.
-Robb Napalm/Capital Chaos TV

Abre Ojos – “Gates” Review


Abre Ojos is an audio-visual project by Melbourne, Australia native Scott Baker. He has had over 20 years of experience working in the fields of experimental music, video and illustration. Abre Ojos is Baker’s exploration of synthetic music along with geometric animations and extreme audio frequencies. I had the pleasure of listening to his latest installment for his project called Gates which was quite impressive to listen to. The album has an accompanying DVD which enhances the music with visual images created by Baker but this album is quite interesting to listen to on its own. The music is very ambient in style and meant to be listened to bring you into a meditative state of mind. The sounds are very eerie and possibly make you see visuals in your mind akin to that of Clive Barker or Stephen King, depending on what twisted creatures lay in your mind.


This album can easily be the score for a thriller/horror movie. I found myself frequently transported to the darkest recesses of my mind and conjured twisted visions of my own. The music is soothing and yet equally haunting. One thing I found very intriguing as well is that all the song titles, when read together, make for a poem with a message that Scott Baker connects with our souls. If you ever wanted to listen to ambient music that can make your skin crawl but also give you a free trip through your own spirituality, Abre Ojos’ album Gates is the way to go. I also suggest getting the accompanied DVD as well to get the full effect of Bakers work.

The Kennedy Veil – “Trinity of Falsehood” Review‏


The Kennedy Veil is a death metal outfit from Sacramento, California who have released their latest full-length, Trinity of Falsehood, and it does not disappoint. With the addition of vocalist Taylor Wientjes, their sound is rejuvenated and has an extreme sound that must be heard to appreciate. Gabe Seeber does a phenomenal job with blast beats that you will feel in your chest and double peddling that really ramps up the BPM. The guitars, played by KC Childers, are especially crunchy and really soar in the title track of the album. Rounding out the lineup is bassist Shawn Peterson, who has his moments where he stands out but the mixing in the album almost makes him get lost in the flurry of guitar tracks.


Not all the time, but I’d like to hear Shawn more and really show his bass chops more. You can hear the influences from such heavy hitters such as Suffocation, Morbid Angel and Decapitation which The Kennedy Veil uses to bring brutally heavy tones and lyrics filled with a light being shed on the inconsistencies and greedy nature of religion. Overall, lyrically, thematically and musically, The Kennedy Veil have released an amazing follow up album and have really stepped up their game since The Sentence of Their Conqueror back in 2011. Trinity of Falsehood is a must have album for 2014 to add to the death metal collection. Go out and get yourself a slice of Sacramento brutality…..Robb Napalm/Capital Chaos TV