Tommy Victor of Prong interviewed in San Francisco, California

Tommy Victor of Prong interviewed by Todd Owens in San Francisco, California while on tour with Sepultura & Testament.

On the recent tour with Testament and Sepultura..

Its a great tour we had a really good run on this one, amazing attendance, great guys to tour with both bands (Testament & Sepultura) are really cool, also had a great time. I was talking with someone who said its kind of a legacy tour, but other people saying its not, everyone keeps putting out new records and their relevant, its a good thing.

On new Prong music….

We got a new album coming out July 28th called Zero Days, between tours and while I was on tour I was working on material and just going crazy while I was home dong another quick record…The single should drop soon, its got some really heavy stuff on it, some really killer riffs. Hardcore, groove metal, thrash, some dark stuff on there, pretty happy with it, and then you know we’ve got the anthems on their too, some good groove anthems songs on it. Its pretty packed with power, its a very impressive record I think.

On Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell…

We toured with them it was our first tour with Soundgarden & Voivod, Chris and I hung out back then, obviously with his popularity he inevitably became on the cover of GQ Magazine and People, I lost touch with him and a lot these guys get hugely famous. Sexiest man alive and all these things that happened with him. They (Soundgarden) were great guys, but success screws with peoples heads. Chris had a long career, I have no idea why he would commit suicide, he always seemed like a level headed kid, success, pride and ego gratification will inevitable get to you. That’s why you got to somehow stay balanced, its madness the entertainment world, its crazy, look at Michael Jackson, these guys end up to be lunatics.

Prong has announced that their new album “ZERO DAYS” will be released on July 28, 2017 via Steamhammer/SPV/eOne. More details to surface in the coming weeks.
Prong spent the better part of October and November 2016 trekking through Europe with Obituary, Exodus and King Parrot as part of the “Battle Of The Bays”-Tour. In April/May they are touring North America with Testament and Sepultura and are then returning to Europe for a massive run of both festival and club shows. This touring cycle has counted among the busiest and most successful in the band’s illustrious career.
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Outline Magazine UK wrote about one of the recent shows: 
“From the start it’s clear why Prong have made such an impression on the music scene. They have a sound bigger than the sum of the three people on stage, and they know how to use it. It’s like someone has weaponized metal, and they’re using the audience for aural target practice. It’s impressive, and it’s also really, really fucking good.”
The current Prong album “X-No Absolutes” was released worldwide through SPV/Steamhammer on February 05th, 2016 as a Digipak (incl. bonus track + sticker), Double LP Gatefold version (red vinyl, CD in paper sleeve) and as download and stream. The album entered the official album charts in Germany, the USA, Belgium and the UK.
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