So This Is Suffering Kicks Off Tour With Signs Of The Swarm Tonight

Technical death metal unit So This Is Suffering recently released their Palace Of The Pessimist full-length worldwide via Unique Leader Records . Said No Clean Screaming of its ten tracks, “The sound is unmistakably deathcore, but it’s the kind of deathcore one might imagine being created aboard lightspeed warcraft headed our way from Andromeda. The music is barbarically brutish but also eerily extraterrestrial and freakishly fluctuating. The songs are hurricane blasts of multifaceted and mercurial sound. Yes, there are gigantic, atonal, booming chords that punch hard enough to shiver the foundations of your dwelling, and clobbering breakdowns produced for maximum destructive impact, coupled with kidney-punching riffs and a maniacal mix of howling bellows, gang growls, flesh-melting shrieks, and rancid strangling noises in the vocal department. But… you’ll also find frequent doses of spidery fretwork creating hornet-swarm arpeggios and filaments of luminescent melody, along with demented electronic pulsing and shimmering alien ambience that might put your teeth on edge.”

So This Is Suffering’s Palace Of The Pessimist was captured at Mike Sahm at Dream Awake Audio and features artwork by Chris Panatier (Dopelord, Totem Skim). Order bundles for Palace Of The Pessimist are currently available HERE.

So This Is Suffering will join Signs Of The Swarm for nine live dates from March 24th through April 6th with additional live abrasions in the plotting stages.


SO THIS IS SUFFERING w/ Signs Of The Swarm:
3/24/2017 Diesel – Pittsburgh, PA
3/26/2017 Smooth Fox – Elgin, IL
3/27/2017 Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI
3/29/2017 Lookout Lounge – Omaha, NE
3/31/2017 Loading Dock – Salt Lake City, UT
4/01/2017 Monks Bar – Missoula, MT
4/02/2017 Fun House – Seattle, WA
4/03/2017 Third St. Pub – Bend, OR
4/06/2017 Bullfrogs – Kingsburg, CA

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